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Vol  8, No 2, April - June, 1999

Asian Journal of Physics                                                                                                                       Vol. 8, No 2 (1999)


Optical Information Processing : A bibliographic review for the year 1997                                                                                                                          105

G S Pati, Renu Tripathi and Kehar Singh

Temperature dependence of nonlinear dielectric constant in thiourea [SC(NH2)2] crystal                                                                                                    155

Yong-Hae Kim and Jong-Jean Kim

Evaluation of excess Gibb's energy of mixing in extremely dilute solution of amines in benzene and p-xylene using dielectric probe                               167

Sandeep Kumar Ray

Effects of frequency matching and substituent groups on first-order hyperpolarizability of disubstituted benzenes                                                             171
Gunjan Purohit and G C Joshi

Fluorescence spectroscopic investigations of normal and tumor human breast tissues                                                                                                           179

R N Panda, Asha Agarwal and Asima Pradhan

Amplitude-squared squeezing in parametric amplification                                                                                                                                                      185

Jawahar Lal, R M P Jaiswal and B S Rajput

Some properties of alkali halide crystals                                                                                                                                                                                  191

Masroor Hasan, Sunil K Singh, Devendra Prasad and L K Mishra

CH overtone spectrum of methyl cyanide: a C3v coupled oscillator analysis using Fermi resonance corrected local mode parameters                               199

T M A Rasheed and A Shaji

Effects of thickness on the activation energies of chromium and tin films                                                                                                                              207

L A Udachan, M S Jogad and S Rama Rao

An evaluation of transition temperature and effective magnetic penetration  depth in organic superconductors                                                                    213

R P Singh, Rakesh and L K Mishra

An evaluation of cohesive energy of the alkali metals with long-range and short-range correlations                                                                                    217

S P Sharon and R P Singh

Spectroscopic investigations of Cu2+ doped phosphate glass                                                                                                                                                  223

RVSSN Ravikumar, A V Chandrasekhar, B J Reddy and Y P Reddy

Chemical shift and X-ray K-absorption fine structure studies of copper (II) complexes with substituted hydroxypyridines                                                 227

Ashutosh Mishra, Dilip Pandey, P A Kekre and Rajesh K Dubey            

Role of boric acid as shift reagent on the electronic absorption spectra of dihydroxyanthraquinones                                                                                    233

Alpana Sharma, Asma Sohail Farooqui and Z H Zaidi

Asian Journal of Physics                                                                                                           Vol 8, No 2 (1999) 105-154


Optical Information Processing:

A bibliographic review for the year 1997.



Photonics Group, Department of Physics,Indian Institute of Technology Delhi,

New Delhi - 110 016, India.


Research in the area of optical information processing is marked by significant developments over the years. Advances in processing systems and algorithms have enabled researchers to realize operations under practical field conditions and in real-time. Optical processors are finding applications in the areas where digital and microelectronics growth technologies demonstrate limitations. Liquid crystal based spatial light, modulators and recently developed smart pixel technology have shown high potential for optical processing systems. Pattern recognition is one of the widely pursued application areas under information processing. It is computationally demanding. Optical correlation techniques find applications in biometrics and security verifications, medical diagnosis, quality assessment, and navigation etc.

Present article contains a qualitative review of the literature and a comprehensive listing of research articles published in the year 1997 in the area of optical information processing. The article chiefly concentrates on optical pattern recognition (OPR) and incorporates multiple facets and approaches followed by different researchers over the year. Special emphasis has been given to improvised systems, correlator architectures, correlation filter, distortion invariant PR systems, optimum processors etc. Computing paradigms discussed in the present article chiefly fall into analog, digital, and analog-digital hybrid optical processing systems. There are separate sections on upcoming high potential techniques such as neural networks, fractional Fourier transform, and optical interconnects. We do not claim the listing of the articles to be complete and would welcome any suggestion as to the addition of the missing references.



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