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Vol  7, No 1, January-March, 1998

Asian Journal of Physics                                                                                                                      Vol 7, No 1 (1998)


(An International Quarterly Research Journal of Physics)
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Spatial light modulators and their applications :A bibliographic review for the year 1994.                                         1                                         

Amitava Roy and K Singh                                                                                                                                              


Real time analysis of specklegram using wavelet-matched filters                                                                                 37

J Widjaja, J Uozumi and T Asakura

Velocity of sonic wave and electron temperature in the hydrocarbon glow discharge plasma                                      43

Sanjula Sharma, R K Saxena and Sangita Tiwari

BIS effect and pain perception by nociceptive networks in human beings                                                                     51

M M Bajaj, M S M Ibrahim, V R Singh, Rabinder N Kakarya,H K Gupta and P Kumar

Gravitational collapse of a slowly rotating charged fluid sphere in general relativity                                                    55

Koijam Maniharsingh and G Mohanty

Focusing properties of a new stigmatic mounting of holographic cylindrical diffraction grating                                  59

Shyam Singh

Electrical conduction in molybdenum oxide (MoO3) films                                                                                            69

A C Sarmah and K Barua

Photorefractive materials and devices for information storage                                                                                      75

Kehar Singh and Joby Joseph

Spatce craft observations of low energy cosmic ray intensity in the heliosphere during 1979-1992.                            85

Achyut Pandey, P K Pandey and Pankaj K Shrivastava

Three photon absorption coefficients in layer structured semiconductors                                                                     89

K Sreelatha, N V Unnikrishnan and C Venugopal

Chaotic vibrations in nociceptors and annihilation of Davydov solitons                                                                       103

M S M Ibrahim and M M Bajaj

The electrical conductivity of some diamine complexes of the general formula

(CH2),(NH3)2 MCl4-4xYx [x = 0, 2 & n = 2, 3 & M = Cu, Co and Y = Br, I]                                                                115

M A Ahmed, S M Abdel Wahab, A M El-Refae and F A Radwan

On incompatibility of viscous and magnetoviscous fluid distributions with class one metric                                        123

Kj Maniharsingh, K S Bhamra and Jugeshwor

Electronic absorption spectrum of 9, 10 anthraquinone radical cation trapped in boric acid glass                                 129

Alpna Sharma, Pardeep Kumar and Z H Zaidi

Two-parameter energy ratio formula for grb's levels in deformed rare-earth nuclei                                                        137

S M El-Bahi and S M Darwish

An analytical evaluation of certain two-center integrals containing the Slater-type orbitals (STO's) and                       145

the electron correlation multiplier r12k, with k being a non-negative integer

R F Yassen

Quantum anharmonic one-dimensional oscillator universality and thermodynamics                                                      153

L L Goncalves, J Mauricio 0 Matos and F A Germano


Effect of hydroxy substituents on the electronic absorption spectrum of 9,10-anthraquinone                                         162

Alpana Sharma, Pardeep Kumar and Z H Zaidi

Forthcoming Papers

A comparative study of the coefficients in two mirror and ring laser

M Gogoi, D Phukan and G D Baruah

Variance of refractive index and degradation of high power laser beam propagating through disturbed environment

N Baruah and G D Baruah

Electroluminescence of ZnS : Cu, Sm, Cl and ZnS : Cu, Dy, Cl phosphors

P K Shrivastava, P S Chowdhary and Neeraj Mishra

Effect of exponentially graded impurity on the microwave properties of silicon double drift diodes

A K Panda, G N Dash and S P Pati

Theoretical study of self-focusing of Gaussian electromagnetic beam incident normally on inhomogeneous plasma medium

R K Khanna and K Baheti

Ultrasonic study of molecular association in ternary liquid mixture

M Rastogi, A Awasthi, M Gupta and J P Shukla

Electrons and phonons in semiconductors

S C Gairola, B D Indu and L K Singh

Dielectric loss in LiNb03 : Fe and LiNbO3 : Cu single crystals

J A C de Paiva, E F de Almeida, A C Hernandes and A S B Sombara

Dielectric relaxation and dc conductivity in lithium niobate glasses and glass-ceramics

E B De Araujo, J A De Magalhaes Abreu, R S De Oliveira, J A C De Paiva and A S B Sombra




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Asian Journal of Physics has completed six volumes of its existence from the time since the first issue was launched. It has been possible to bring out the AJP issues at regular intervals because of enthusiastic response from the scientists of different parts of the globe, specially from the third world. AJP is serving, with its humble effort, its purpose of publishing and spreading new results in diverse fields of physics and allied topics, with specific emphasis on the Indian scene.

The appearance of the comet Hale Bopp in the north west sky in the evening during early part of the year 1997 created considerable interest among the professional and amateur astronomers. The comet was an unusual type as compared to other known comets. It had a bigger coma (comet atmosphere) with time period of revolution of 4000. years. AJP has the credit of carrying the only one article about the photographing the spectrum of the coma of the comet Hale-Bopp in one of its 1997 numbers.

In order to expedite the publication and to extend coverage of several important areas, we have included a few more names in the Editorial Board of AJP. In the present volume 7 (1998), we plan to bring out two special issues of AJP. One on Raman spectroscopy and the other on Non-linear dynamics in optics.

We do hope that AJP will increasingly rise up to meet your expectations. The refereeing is now quicker and we shall keep on seeking to reduce the refereeing time further.

In the end, our Editorial/Advisory Board wishes you a very Happy New Year.

V K Rastogi



G D Baruah


Prof V K Rastogi

Prof V K Rastogi

G D Baruah

Prof G D Baruah

 Honors to the Members of the Editorial Board of AJP

V K Rastogi

Dr V K Rastogi, Editor of AJP has been elected as Sectional Committee Member, Physics Section of Indian Science Congress Association for the year 1998-99

Dr Krishan Lal

Dr Krishan Lal, has been elected as Full Member of the International Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences, Moscow, Russia. He has also been invited to serve as the President of Indian Branch of this Academy. The Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Novosibirsk, Russian Academy of Sciences (Siberian Branch) has conferred an Honorary Doctorate on Dr Krishan Lal.

Krishan Lal

                                                       New Members of Editorial/Advisory Board

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S L Zhang

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