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Vol  2, No. 2, 1993

Asian Journal of Physics                                                                                                               Vol. 2, No 2 (1993)109-112

Laser Raman and FTIR spectra of biomolecule:5-fluorocytosine


Rajesh Chandra1, S C Chawla2, Ajay Singh3 and S L Gupta4

1Department of Chemistry, MMH(PG) College,Ghaziabad-201 002, India

2Department of Physics, GGDSD College, Chandigarh-160 031, India

3Department of Physics, L R College, Sahibabad-201 005, Indi  a

4 Department of Physics, MM(PG) College, Modinagar, India


The properties of purine and pyrimidine bases are determined by their hydrogen and π-bonding systems [1]. Past crystallographic studies [2] have indicated that halogen substitutents affect solid state base stacking patterns, and have suggested that stacking interactions involving the halogen substituents may contribute to the unusual physical and biological properties of nucleic acids which contain halogenated pyrimidines. Recent spectroscopic studies[3] of constitutents of nucleic acids have been motivated by their biological importance. Considering that the Raman spectroscopy in conjunction with IR spectroscopy offers many more possibilities to distinguish different symmetry species or to separate bands of close frequencies, we undertook the study of vibrational spectrum of 5-fluorocytosine(5-FC).

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